The key to healthy living and weight loss is fueling your body with nutrients that will nourish your body. This is done by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains into your diet while cutting back and eliminating foods that are highly processed as well as high in fat, sugar and salt. A change to healthier eating includes learning about balance, variety, and moderation. You have the power to change your life and create a healthier lifestyle. You are simply one plate away!

Topics we cover are:
• MyPlate: Nutrition 101fruit
• Portion Control
• Reading Nutrition Labels
• Healthy snack

• The facts on sweetened beverages
• How to stay healthy on the weekends
• The truth about fast food
• Sports and Nutrition
• Other: topics that will depend on what the nutritionist feels are necessary
based on the children’s questions and food recalls. We provide weekly
workshops for children to teach healthy eating habits.
* Little Whisks – ages 3-6

• Jr. Aprons – ages 7-10

• Master Mixers – ages 11+
In addition to these workshops, our nutritionists work with parents on:
• Menu planning
 • Budgeting
• Strategies to involve the whole family in healthier eating


Our Supermarket Safari’s are conducted in partnership with local
grocery stores and farmer’s markets to as a fun way to teach our families
what to look for when they do their shopping.

1. For parents- show by example and offer the same food for everyone.
2. Balance Calories: find out how many you need for a day! This is the first step in managing your weight.
3. Avoid over sized portions! use smaller plates, bowls and cups. Practice proper portion control and portion out the foods BEFORE you eat them.
4. Make half of your plate fruits and vegetables.
5. Drink water instead of sugary drinks. Soda, sports drinks, juices and sweet tea are high in sugar and calories and contribute to obesity and diabetes. Switching to water is a great and simple way to cut calories.
6. Read the nutrition labels. Start really learning what you are putting inside your body. Look at the serving size (helps with portion control), ingredients and nutrient information.
7. Cut back on the processed foods. Cakes, cookies, candies, pizza and fatty meats are high in solid fat, added sugar and salt. You are eating a lot of calories but your body is not getting any nutrients from these foods.